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Weight loss challenges and how to overcome them

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Weight loss challenges and how to overcome them

When you first start on a weight loss regime it can come easily and your motivation is high, but then you hit a challenge and it’s a struggle to keep going and maintain the progress you have achieved so far. 

Failing to achieve goals – One of the biggest mistakes people make is setting unrealistic goals so when they fail to achieve the target, a lack of motivation sets in. You might have wanted to drop several dress sizes in time for an event but it’s far better to focus on a long-term plan and an overall healthier lifestyle that will benefit you in the future. 

If you’re just starting your weight loss plan opt for realistic goals. If you’ve already missed a target, it’s important not to get disheartened and instead put it into perspective. Think about the benefits, even if it takes you longer than planned to get there. 

Reigniting motivation after a few mistakes – Everyone makes mistakes and it’s no different when you’re trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. While mistakes can be rectified it can be hard to get back on track afterwards. Maybe you overindulged with treats and put some weight back on, or perhaps you’ve skipped a few gym sessions. Whatever mistakes you’ve made it can be tempting to simply give up. Don’t avoid the scales or a fitness class just because you feel guilty, instead focus on your overall progress and set a new small goal to get you started and ease back into it. 

Wanting to stop a diet – When you’re really focussed on losing weight it can be tempting to set up a strict diet where you cut out all treats and the unhealthy foods you love. While this will certainly achieve results but it can leave you wanting to quit the diet altogether. Instead of viewing the changes as a diet, think of it as a lifestyle change that focuses on moderation rather than cutting out certain foods, it might mean you progress is slower in the beginning but it will be far more sustainable.

Becoming disheartened by plateaus – At the beginning of your diet and exercise regime it can often feel like the weight is coming off fast and you’re progressing towards your goals but then you hit a plateau. Being impatient and disheartened can undo all your hard work but keeping motivated can be difficult. One way to overcome this is to set yourself other goals, such as lifting more weight or making a personal best on a run, and you’ll soon see your weight loss will kick start again. 

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  • Ann on

    I’ve found that when I do get on a diet, I usually give up if I don’t see the results as advertised (and that’s on those fad diets). I find that when I’ve slowly changed my own diet and not have slowly started being more active (i.e.walking) It’s been more effective for me than to have a set plan. Some people MAY benefit from a strict plan and that’s wonderful, but others may just have to find their own groove, as it were. The key is being persistent and not giving up.

  • Kelly on

    I am definitely more motivated when I can see results, but this never seems to last very long when I’m trying to lose weight. My body weight just seems to sit around the same amount, no matter what I do. It is really hard to stay motivated, but as you pointed out, this is normal, and I need to try and get past this mental block. Thanks for the reminder.

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