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Phenphedrine UK USA 2020 | Food Supplement | BHC - Bulkhealthcapsules


Phenphedrine UK USA 2023 | Food Supplement | BHC


Phenphedrine is a safe and affordable food supplement for men and women


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Manufactured in the UK by Bulkhealthcapsules, the number one bulk manufacturer of all food supplement solutions. Phenphedrine is a non UK patented brand name and as such different suppliers use different ingredients, we only use quality ingredients . We manufacture Phenphedrine in huge amounts, to drive down the price and pass on the saving to you.


Phenphedrine food supplement used in the UK/USA in 2023.

BHC is the trusted leading UK supplier, manufacturer and retailer - purchasing from any body else would be crazy. BHC's Phenphedrine has received 5 star reviews on eBay for years.

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